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Our team at FH&P Lawyers helps creditors get their bills paid and their investments back.

We will work with you and recommend and implement a plan that is practical and proportionate to the amount in issue. We will listen to you, and ensure that we incorporate considerations including business relationships into our plan and implementation.

Lawyers at FH&P have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Commercial and private foreclosures
  • Landlord distress
  • Personal Property Security enforcement
  • Seizure and sale of collateral
  • Receivers, and
  • Unsecured debt collection

We do not only represent creditors. We also represent and defend debtors through court applications and negotiations.

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How can a small business send someone to collections?

To collect a debt, you can give the debt to a collection agency, go to small claims court or go to civil court if the amount is more substantial. A collection agency specializes in collecting debts and usually works for a percentage of the debt payments they receive—usually 50%.

What happens in a commercial foreclosure?

During a commercial foreclosure sale, the property is sold to the highest bidder, and those sales proceeds are used to pay off the mortgage debt that the borrower owes to the lender. If there are no bids on the property, or if the bids are too low, the lender will bid on the property.

Collections / Foreclosure Lawyers

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